About the project

The title of the project is IconoTag: automatic multilingual indexing for pictures. James Turner, professor at the Université de Montréal, is the researcher. Claire Nigay is the research assistant. We are studying ways to improve access to audiovisual materials, to help people find information on the web. You can read about our previous work at http://mapageweb.umontreal.ca/turner/, especially on the Research, Publications, and Presentations pages.

In earlier projects, we studied automatic translation of tags between French and English, and our results show that this works well for some types of still pictures and video. We believe that pictures could be tagged in any language, and that the tags could then be automatically translated accurately into other languages. This would allow people to find pictures from databases all over the world with a single search in their own language. However, we want to find out whether our idea is true or not. For this, we need some practical evidence. With your help, IconoTag will provide information we can analyse, and hopefully answer our research question. For further information about this project, ask either of us james.turner@umontreal.ca or c.nigay@umontreal.ca

What to do ?

For each picture, and using your own language, write tags that you think would help somebody else find the picture, or pictures like it, on the web. Just write the tags that come to mind easily. We have left room for 5 tags for each picture, but if you think fewer tags are enough, just write the ones you think are useful, then stop. All answers are ok, so you can't get any wrong !


If you are interested in our results, just visit the Presentations and Publications pages on our web site in 2010. When we publish our research results, we'll put the information there.

Thanks for helping !

By taking a few minutes to tag the 12 pictures we have chosen, you make a contribution to helping everybody find audiovisual information on the web. Thanks for your help !

Yes, I agree

Participation is entirely voluntary, and you need to be considered of age in your country. You may change your mind and withdraw from the project at any time before you click on the final Ok, I'm done button. To withdraw, just close your browser window. Should you have any complaint about your participation, please contact the Université de Montréal's ombudsman at ombudsman@umontreal.ca or call collect +1.514.343.2100. We are not asking you for any personal information, such as your name, address, etc. Because of this, your responses will be anonymous.

For the moment, click on the "I AGREE" button to add your tags to the first picture.

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